You are not alone, Beautiful Mama!

Let’s chat.

You are not alone, Beautiful mama!

let’s chat.

 I am here to help you!

Matrescence – the transition into motherhood – is a life-changing transformation for a woman.


It is the biggest physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual change a mother will ever go through.


Your brain and mind are changed.
It’s ok to feel different – you are!


Do you have any questions about matrescence, your brain and mind in motherhood, or how you can train your brain and mind to be truly happy?

Or just want to chat?


Life is too short to be unhappy, Mama!


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*I write postnatal instead of postpartum, labour instead of labor, and mum instead of mom because I’m Australian (pure-bred German but Aussie through and through). It is also the reason for my dry humour (humor).