Motherhood changes you in the most amazing way.
But you need to be prepared.

Matrescence – the transition from woman to mother, and beyond – is the most life-changing transformation a woman will ever go through.

Yet we are not taught about it!
Which leads mothers to struggle in motherhood, wonder if this is it, and question ‘who am I now?’

How do I know this?
Because I was one of these mums!

Since healing myself, using my expertise in neuroscience and psychotherapy, I have taught many mothers and moms to-be about matrescence, how it changes your brain and specific exercises to train your brain to thrive in motherhood. It is simple and it works!

Tough Mothers use a 3-step framework to teach you:

1.   What matrescence is and how it changes you, especially your brain.

2.   How to thrive in matrescence and motherhood by easily training your brain to become strong and resilient.

3.   Simple, specific exercises you can fit into your busy day to create calm and joy in your matrescence and motherhood life.

After completing a Tough Mothers course, you will be prepared! Your fear will be gone, and your brain will be strong and ready to take on any challenge matrescence and motherhood throw at you. You will be a calm, happy mother who truly thrives.


“Jen is a great thinker. Thinking laterally, broadly and creatively about what I bring; thinking out of the box which offers me ideas, perspectives and approaches I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of. She comes to me as a partner who doesn’t walk away easily, believes in my potential with strong boundaries and instincts and courage. She is a truly amazing woman.”
Lydia N

“If motherhood is not what you expected or what you want it to be, you have to see Dr Jen. She is knowledgeable, nurturing and kind. Mom life is so much easier now.”
Sarah K

“Dr Jen taught me things about my brain I never knew. Working with her changed me in the most amazing way. My boys love the mummy I’ve become.”
Annabel F

“My psychological history left me frightened about what becoming a mom would reveal in me. Working with Jen allowed me to explore this and create the mommy experience I dreamed of. Every pregnant woman must do her course! Do antenatal to learn about your baby. Do Tough Mothers to learn about yourself as a mother.”
Laura D

The Ultimate Motherhood Preparation Course

Prepare yourself for the most life-changing transformation of your life. Motherhood. Learn everything you need to know about matrescence, how it changes you and how you can use these changes to deliberately create your dream motherhood life.

Mastering Yourself in Motherhood Course

Want to feel truly happy in your motherhood life?

It is never too late to learn about matrescence and how you can use this life-changing transformation you have gone through to create the motherhood life you always dreamed of. If there is any aspect of motherhood that is leaving you unhappy, unfulfilled or stressed, this is the course for you!
Learn how to thrive amongst the chaos. Because if you are thriving, you kids will thrive.

Work with Dr Jen in a Small Group
(For moms to-be)

For the woman who prefers small groups (no larger than 5) and the support of other likeminded women. These cover the same topics as the online courses (and more!)  in an intimate setting, in the privacy of your own home. Consisting of face-to-face online group sessions, worksheets and team support, groups are ideal for the mother that would like to get amazing results, with personalised support.

Work one-on-one with Dr Jen
(Available for mothers and moms to-be)

One-on-one courses focus entirely on you! You and I work together intensively to delve deeply into you and create personalised exercises to train your brain to thrive in motherhood. These courses are ideal for the woman who likes to get results quick or feels particularly overwhelmed by matrescence and motherhood. There is a minimum 3-month commitment to ensure you get the results you desire. Intake is by application only. 

Vedic Meditation Course

One of the quickest and most effective ways to train your brain to thrive in motherhood is meditation. I started meditating when I was at my motherhood worst. It was an integral part to learning to thrive in motherhood.

Vedic meditation is appealing is perfect for mothers and mums to-be, as it is quick and really simple.

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