Motherhood changes you in the most amazing way,
but you need to be prepared.

No doubt you had some sort of plan about how you want to deliver your baby – a birth plan.

You knew whether you want to use cloth diapers or disposable ones – a nappy plan. Whether you will co-sleep or have the baby in its own room – a bed plan. Whether you want to breast-feed or formula feed, and when to start solids – a feeding plan. 

But do you have a plan for YOU?  
Matrescence (the birth of you, the mother) literally transforms us. 

Throughout motherhood, we undergo changes we have never experienced before – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and more. 
It can be terrifying and lead us to completely lose ourselves in motherhood. 
Or it can be the catalyst to creating a whole new you (however you choose that to look) and a motherhood life filled with contentment.
You just need to have a plan!

Our online courses are for every mother! 
Whether you are pregnant and at the beginning of your journey through matrescence, into motherhood, or your children have left home.

NOW is the time to create a plan for YOU to feel content in your motherhood life, from the inside out. 

Our courses help you use the questions WHO, WHERE, WHAT and HOW to create your individual ultimate motherhood plan
utilising YOUR neuroscience, psychology, philosophy and spirituality.


You just need to learn the simple science and tools to train your brain (like a muscle!) to feel happier.

This FREE How To Be A Happy Mother E-Book will show you how!  



Congratulations, you’ve entered matrescence (the transformation from woman to mother)! This is likely the biggest physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual change you will ever go through. You are literally transformed.

No doubt you have a plan for baby’s arrival. 

But do you have a plan for YOU in motherhood?

Using neuroplasticity (the ability to change the brain, its wiring and its messaging) as a basis, our courses help you create a plan (and execute it!) to support you as you enter motherhood.
You will create a content motherhood life for yourself, because you will know how to create contentment, from the inside out.
Your plan is personal to you, because you are unique!
Everything that brought you to this point in life is taken into consideration, as you learn to use your past experiences to prime your brain for motherhood.

If you take one course prior to becoming a mother, this should be it. Because if you can be the best YOU, you will be the best mother for your child.


I have very limited one-on-one programs available. Simply because they are so popular.
Here, you and I focus entirely on you; just you and me, online but in real time, at every session. This is the quickest way to train your brain, and create techniques to make changes in your motherhood life, or prepare you for motherhood. That is why they are so popular!

I also run group programs for a maximum of 5 women, where the support comes from me as well as each other. It is a wonderful way to get the results you desire quickly, while working with women who are in a similar boat to you. All while making connected friendships for life.

Both one-on-one and group programs are open to mothers and mums to-be. 


 Sometimes motherhood can pull the rug out from under you. It can consume you, and you lose your sense of self. 

Whether it is through changes brought on by matrescence, or other factors, the result is the same. And it is not good. 

To be the best mother you can be, you need to be the best YOU you can be. And for that you need a plan. 

Our motherhood courses help you create a plan (and execute it!) to bring about the best you, and create a motherhood life full of contentment. 

Using the ability to transform our own brain (self-directed neuroplasticity) to makes changes to ourselves and our lives, this courses offers not just information but also helps you build techniques that are specific to you, your beliefs and your past experiences. you can you.

You can be happy, content and fulfilled in motherhood. And anything else you desire. You just need the right plan, specific for you. 


The Tough Mothers courses and programs focus primarily on the amazing ability we have to change our own brains, and therefore change our whole lives to create the contentment, fulfilment and happiness we desire. 

One of the quickest ways to prime your brain for this is meditation.
I started meditating when I was at my motherhood worst, and I cannot tell you how much it was an integral part to changing my life. I wish had started before I had my babies, and maybe I wouldn’t have had such a severe breakdown.

There are many types of mediation out there. However, vedic mediation is appealing, as it is quick and really simple. Just what you need when you’re a time-starved mother.
I still do this meditation every single day, and I swear it makes a calmer, better mother.

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