Everyone can meditate. Yes, even you!

Once upon a time I thought meditation was reserved for the Zen. Now I realise it is meditation that creates Zen.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk around in a state of constant calm – I am a mother after all! – but I realise now that the break I give my mind and my body during meditation is imperative for my life.

My mind is busy, my life is busy, there are always too many things to do, and several small people wanting something  (usually at the same time).

And that is why a meditation practice is so important. It creates calm amongst the chaos.

Meditation has radically lowered my baseline levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Not only that, it has literally helped me change my brain.


How? Let me explain…


Practicing meditation will play a big part.
Give yourself the gift of a daily circuit breaker, and your mind and body the rest they deserve.

I was lucky enough to learn Vedic meditation from the very experienced Tom Cronin.

His course is 100% online. Which means you can do it totally in your own time – I did it, and still do, while my kids are sleeping.

Tom’s soothing voice and energy prepared me every time for a successful meditation. I have recommended Tom to many friends, and I am thrilled to announce Tom has been kind enough to share his fantastic Vedic meditation course offer with all of our Tough Mothers Village*.

Want to hear more from Tom about this course before deciding?

*Tom Cronin’s course is not a part of Tough Mothers. I paid for and used Tom’s program of my own accord and have not been paid to mention it here. I just think it is so fabulous, I want to share it with you! However, this is a referral link, which means we may receive a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase.

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